Pam Suchman

TV writer, producer and author who writes about marriage, dating, Hollywood, sex and summoning joy. I also write books for kids! When I'm not writing, I coach women through questions of stay-or-go in their marriage, relationship regrets and how to channel your inner Picasso while dating. I also facilitate Zoom group discussions. My dance card gets filled quickly, but if you’d like to schedule an appointment, email me:

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"You should write a book called 'A Woman's Survival Guide to Difficult Men,'" my husband said shortly after we started dating.

"Maybe so."

Work and love have taken me from Los Angeles to New York and Miami, from Sydney to London and Venice. While working in feature films, then writing and producing reality TV shows, including "Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern," "America’s Next Top Model" and "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition," another reality show was taking place behind the scenes: the adventures of my crazy love life.

Excerpt from Joy to the Girl

"Pam Suchman knows your pain… She has felt it herself, and her willingness to shine a bright light on her mistakes and missteps helps anyone who is losing in the dating game come up with a winning strategy."

W. Bruce Cameron
Author of A Dog’s Purpose, How to Remodel a Man
"Anyone who has ever been in a relationship needs Pam! Insightful and funny with a large helping of honesty...just brilliant. Women and men will love her!  Warm, honest and addictive.”
Emma Kenny,
Psychologist and TV Presenter

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